Mandatory Learning

Here you will find all of the Mandatory Learning you will need to complete. as an employee of Birmingham City Council.

If you are a new recruit, you are also required to complete these modules.  This is to help you familiarise yourself with some important information about the organisation, what is expected of you as an employee as well as what support is available to you.  You can take your time to complete these modules as they do not have to be completed all in one go however, they should all be completed within the first 4 weeks of your employment with the Council.

This mandatory eLearning module will introduce you to Birmingham and the City Council's Vision, Priorities, Values and Behaviours. It will also explain the big changes that are taking place to help us all move forward together.

This eLearning module aims to raise your awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking and to help you recognise your role in identifying and reporting concerns.

The mandatory module is new for 2020 and introduces you to the key areas of data protection.

This mandatory module will explore who our customers are; good customer service; why customer service is important to the council; the benefits to you, customers and the council of providing good customer service; how customers access council services; why customer service is integral to the way we communicate.

A further two modules on Customer Service which are not mandatory are also available for you to access:

  • Customer Service Suite: Part 2 - Standards
  • Customer Service Suite: Part 3 - Communication

This mandatory eLearning module will provide you with an overview of why equality in the workplace is important. It increases awareness of equality in the workplace, outlines behavioural expectations, and offers practical help in challenging unlawful or inappropriate behaviour at work.

This is mandatory so every employee should complete either the level 1 module or the level 2 modules dependent on their job role.

This mandatory module, just one module currently available in the Health and Wellbeing category, is designed to give you an overview of stress awareness at work. We'll explain why stress occurs and how it can manifest itself physically and psychologically, and offer practical hints and tips on how to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the modern workplace.  

Prevent is the UK government strategy aimed at reducing or eliminating the risk of individuals becoming involved in terrorism.
This Home Office produced mandatory module offers an introduction to the Prevent duty and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves.

It should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete.

This mandatory course is designed to give you an understanding of fire including its prevention (to stop it happening in the first instance) and the action to take in the event of the fire.

This mandatory module must be completed by all employees (including Managers).  

The module is designed to ensure that health and safety is managed within the workplace and that staff are trained and understand their health and safety responsibilities.  Once complete you should have an understanding of:

  • The benefits of working safely
  • Your responsibilities
  • Hazard and risk
  • Common office hazards