This programme is designed for managers who aspire to senior leadership. It will develop the skills needed for the transition and recognises the crucial role participants will play in leading innovation. Over the course of 12 months, the programme will focus on developing the role of leadership, leading performance through new ways of working and developing strategic leadership skills that will prepare participants for the move into more senior roles.

The programme is intended to be challenging, providing an opportunity to broaden perspectives and to act as a force for change at institutional, personal and professional level and provide long-term benefit to BCC.

Below, you will find all of the content associated with the BCC Future Leader programme. These are split into 'Core', 'Pick and Mix' and 'Mandatory' bundles.

Clicking on 'Core' below will provide you with access to a bundle of resources that create a pathway to completion of each of the 12 core elements of the programme which must be followed in sequence over the course of the 12 month programme. You should complete each element of the pathway in the order as outlined.

Resources include eLearning, microlearning, videos, documents and a workshop. You should book onto the workshop as soon as you are able and note the date of attendance as some of the activities are required to be completed prior to attending the workshop. If you do not complete the pre-course activities, you will not be able to attend the workshop.

Clicking on 'Mandatory' below, will provide you with access to a bundle of resources that again, create a pathway to completion of the 2 mandatory elements of the Future Leader programme. These must be completed by all managers (if they haven't already been).

Following a professional discussion and/or completion of a self-assessment, you may have identified areas where you lack confidence, have gaps in your knowledge and/or skills or areas that may require further development. By clicking on 'Pick and Mix' below, you will be provided with a bundle of optional resources to help you bridge those gaps and develop your confidence. You can choose to complete any part of the pathways. Some pick and mix bundles also include a workshop that, if you choose to attend, you will need to book onto.

If you need to return to the course at any time or would like to review what you have completed, please click on ‘My Learning’ then ‘Record of Learning’ at the top of the page.  This will show you all of the courses you are enrolled on and any courses you have completed along with the dates that you completed them.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email the Talent and Learning team at