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This eLearning module aims to raise your awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking and to help you recognise your role in identifying and reporting concerns.

Find off-the-job training supporting documents.

This workshop will help you understand Birmingham City Council’s Managing Attendance Policy and Procedure and how to successfully implement it and to  effectively and fairly manage sickness absence. You will learn more about how to promote good absence management to reduce sickness absence levels and to accurately record sickness absence data in line with the managing attendance triggers.

The legal landscape and how it affects your business, or workplace, is constantly evolving.

This event will bring you up to date on recent changes in legislation and highlight what’s planned for the future; a key consideration for business planning.

Our experienced trainers will explain the changes in a practical and straightforward way which will help you understand the legal changes and, importantly, the impact for your organisation.

One of the most challenging parts of managing performance is initiating conversations around sensitive topics.

This full day event will give you practical and effective techniques to confidently conduct and manage difficult conversations with staff.

This full day event will focus on the benefits and challenges of managing a multi-generational workforce. It will provide you with practical guidance on recruiting and retaining older workers, achieving a healthy work-life balance for employees, performance management, retirement and recognising the most common health concerns that can affect older workers.

In the workplace, wherever there are people there can be challenging behaviours. Some are so extreme that hoping they would just change is not an effective strategy.

This course will give you the skills and confidence to manage these effectively.

Managers can spend much of their valuable time, getting drawn into relationship difficulties and conflict situations between staff. Handled well, things improve, handled badly and the situation gets worse, possibly putting you off tackling similar issues again in future. The mediation approach is about working with those in conflict to help them find and agree their own solutions.

This training course will give delegates the skill and understanding to manage conflict better and find lasting solutions. By giving delegates an understanding of the mediation process and the opportunity to practise, they will leave this course feeling much more confident and better equipped to confront difficult situations and achieve a better outcome for all concerned.

This full day event will provide delegates with an in-depth look at the often complex legislation surrounding working with trade unions and the implications for employers, as well provide best practice guidance on building and maintaining working relationships.

This event promises to be an informative, enjoyable, myth-busting and interactive morning for all delegates. It will give you the opportunity in a safe environment to see how a Tribunal works to watch a mock tribunal take place and to see how decisions are made.

This 2-hour digital event will give an essential overview of the law and good practice, providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently manage employees working from home. Homeworking provides many benefits for both employees and employers, however, there are often associated challenges. This event will help you understand the relevant law and provide you with good practice guidance on managing employees remotely. We will also consider the impact on your employee’s mental health and wellbeing.

This module will introduce you to agile working and the benefits that it can bring. 

Regardless of your role, you are advised to work through all of the sections in turn, to get a good overall understanding of agile working and to identify your specific responsibilities.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some additional resources have been added to the course page of this module to support all employees working remotely.

This module has been designed to help you manage a team during the introduction of agile working.

There are a number of scenarios to help bring the learning to life, as well as to help you put agile working into action.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some additional resources have been added to the course page of this module to support managers and employees working remotely.

Following on from the success of the first Allyship workshop held on Monday 2nd November 2020, we will be holding a repeat of this workshop for all those who were not able to attend and for those who would like to find out more about becoming an Ally.

This is a workshop for those who want to understanding more about some of the challenges that our Black African and Caribbean colleagues face on a day to day basis. Our aim is to educate, share experiences and provide you with tools and techniques to challenge unacceptable behaviour.

Here you can find out everything you need to know about joining our apprenticeship offer here at Birmingham city council.

You can see why you should do an apprenticeship

the 20% off the job explained

find resources about the courses on offer


This module will provide you with the facts about autism, including the impact that it can have on individuals. We'll look at the key characteristics of the condition and how you can interact with people with autism.

Tips and tricks for reading, writing, speaking and listening. English learning resources for students of Functional Skills in England.

Using numbers, carrying out calculations and interpreting results. Learning resources for students of Functional Skills in England.

These modules are for managers and explain the recruitment and selection processes at BCC.

There are two modules available. The first will explore the pre-recruitment and shortlisting stages and the second will explore the Interview stage.

Any employee required to be a member of an interview panel must have completed both of the BCC Recruitment & Selection eLearning modules as well as the Unconscious Bias, The Equality Act 2010 and mandatory Equality in the Workplace modules.

The Birmingham Adult Education service offer free; Maths, English and Digital skills sessions from Entry Level to Level 2.  Please click for more information.


A practical half day workshop aimed at developing a more confident you! Anyone can become more confident, they just need to believe that they can.

In this module you will learn about the causes and costs of bullying, harassment and victimisation in the workplace. This module will show you how to identify bullying behaviour and the steps you can take to put a stop to it.

The Business Intelligence (BI) reporting eLearning course goes through the basic and intermediate features of displaying and formatting any BI report.

Help ensure carers get the recognition and support they deserve with this eLearning module.

Unpaid/family Carers fulfil a vitally important role in society. But all too often in the past, the work that they do hasn't been recognised or valued as it should be. Our Carer Aware online training course has been designed to help change that: it provides the knowledge and understanding that is needed to identify and meet the needs of carers.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a form of child sexual abuse. This eLearning module aims to explain what is meant by Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE); show you how to spot the signs that CSE may be taking place; enable you to recognise when a young person is being groomed; explain how the risk of CSE is assessed; inform you of what agencies and practitioners do if a child is the victim of CSE; guide you through the support practitioners will offer to victims of CSE.

Welcome to this eLearning module on coercive control. Coercive control is when a partner or family member continually behaves in a way which makes a person feel controlled, threatened, isolated or scared. People who are victims of, or are at risk of, domestic abuse are most likely to be at risk of coercive and controlling behaviour.  

This module looks at the causes and types of conflict that can arise in the workplace. It demonstrates best practice approaches to resolving conflicts, and shows everyday measures that can help to prevent future disharmony.

Coronavirus: what you need to know

Check out the latest advice for staff about COVID-19 Coronavirus


This mandatory module will explore who our customers are; good customer service; why customer service is important to the council; the benefits to you, customers and the council of providing good customer service; how customers access council services; why customer service is integral to the way we communicate.

A further two modules on Customer Service which are not mandatory are also available for you to access:

  • Customer Service Suite: Part 2 - Standards
  • Customer Service Suite: Part 3 - Communication

This is module two out of a suite of three modules on delivering excellent customer service. We all experience customer service, both good and bad. We may react to it in different ways depending on our circumstances and expectations and we may have different ideas on what makes good customer service. In this module you will further explore the benefits of customer service standards for you, the organisation and the customers.

This is module three out of a suite of three modules on delivering excellent customer service. This module focuses on skills to help you communicate effectively either face to face, in writing or on the telephone. You will also find some techniques for how to manage difficult situations.

There are two modules about online crime, security and protection - Cyber Crime and Cyber Security. 

This is the Cyber Crime module and will explain what cyber crime is and how it occurs.

There are two modules about online crime, security and protection - Cyber Crime and Cyber Security. 

This Cyber Security module will help you protect yourself from online fraud and gives advice on what to do if you think you have been targeted. 

This module is for those employees who need a greater level of understanding of Data Protection, GDPR and Information Security than is provided in the mandatory Level 1 'Protecting Information: Data Protection' eLearning module.

Completing this Level 2 module is a key step in ensuring that Birmingham City Council stays compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.  

It is important that all employees focus on how we use and protect data within Birmingham City Council and that we keep the data of our service users secure.

The aim of this eLearning module is to highlight the difference between good and poor data and to look at different roles and responsibilities regarding data quality and procedures.


This course is for DBS ID Checkers whose role is to use E-bulk to validate online application forms for candidates/employees.  DBS certificates help the Council to recruit safely.

Steven Talbot (Steven Talbot Consultancy) a new dynamic, charismatic and inspirational name to the organisation’s workplace development offer with an entertaining but pivotal 90 minutes to introduce delegates to some of the techniques that can stop issues from escalating and allow them to respond and react in an assertive manner – this is not your normal ‘run-of-the-mill’ aggression workshop!. 

Course Summary: This workshop will help you wrap your head around the concept of thinking of yourself as a brand. Everything in this workbook is broken down into clear steps for building your brand and is full of plenty of resources that will help you continue to educate yourself.

We all need to keep our digital skills up to date, for our own personal use, to operate more effectively in our jobs and to help improve the digital skills of our learners.

We are stronger in the areas that we practise our digital skills regularly and not so confident with digital skills that we use less often.

This digital skills instructor lead workshop session will work on some of the basic digital skills you might need for your role and it will go into some level 1 details of using Outlook and Excel to support you to become more effective and efficient in the applications you are using.

Welcome to the Display Screen Elearning training for employees. The course is designed to make you aware of Display Screen Equipment issues in the workplace and the things you can do to ensure you are adopting best practice when using Display Screen Equipment.

This is the first lesson of the DM360 training. It is aimed at all DM360 users.

This module is for benefits staff that use DM360. This module covers processing documents, pending process and memo's- authorisation. You must complete the module DM360: An Introduction before starting this course.

This module is for Revenues staff that use DM360. This module covers processing documents, pending process – for inspectors only, and tasks outside a process map. You must complete the module DM360: An Introduction before starting this course.

This eLearning module will help you to recognise domestic abuse and help you to understand your responsibilities in safeguarding people.

This workshop focuses on how to make our communications as effective as they can be and looks at the communication process; verbal communication skills including speaking, listening and questioning techniques; non-verbal communication and telephone etiquette.

This module focuses on how to make our communications as effective as they can be.

This e-learning module is a practical guide that looks at the value of recording minutes - whether the meeting is planned, with an agenda and a chairperson, or is unplanned and less structured.

To assist with written communication

This module will help you to identify how emotional abuse affects children, the specific circumstances that put children at risk, and how emotional abuse impacts on all other types of abuse. 

This module should help you understand how EI can increase your self-awareness, help you work with others and improve professional performance.

Birmingham City Council is offering advice on health and wellbeing to employees during the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), especially around mental and psychological wellbeing, social wellbeing, and physical wellbeing. You may find that some or all this advice may be relevant to you, so please take onboard this information to protect your health, safety and wellbeing.

We understand that the fear of infection and feeling isolated, along with concerns about financial security and the health and wellbeing of loved ones, are just some of the knock-on effects from the pandemic are likely to increase employees the pressure and stress employees are under before, during and after any pandemic.

It is important for all employees to support each other and to do the best for our citizens to enable the Council to continue to deliver as many of the key services as possible. The ongoing commitment and support of fit and well employees to maintain these services during this time is essential.

This mandatory module must be completed by all employees (including Managers).  

The module is designed to ensure that health and safety is managed within the workplace and that staff are trained and understand their health and safety responsibilities.  Once complete you should have an understanding of:

  • The benefits of working safely
  • Your responsibilities
  • Hazard and risk
  • Common office hazards

Welcome to the Employees Guide to reporting Accidents,Incidents and Near Misses. This will support the employee in fulfilling the requirement to report Accident,Incidents and Near Misses that occur while at work.

This module provides an overview of the Equality Act 2010 and the public sector equality duty.

This mandatory eLearning module will provide you with an overview of why equality in the workplace is important. It increases awareness of equality in the workplace, outlines behavioural expectations, and offers practical help in challenging unlawful or inappropriate behaviour at work.

This module looks at a particular type of abuse which happens to girls and sometimes women that is collectively known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Disclaimer: Please be aware that some of the content may be upsetting. Keep in mind that however distressing we may find this subject matter, it is our role to raise awareness and do everything we can to prevent children from being subjected to this type of abuse.

Summary: To give individuals greater confidence in addressing financial issues when faced with redundancy or leaving service early.

Suitability: For those who are leaving on redundancy terms and wish to seek further employment.

This mandatory course is designed to give you an understanding of fire including its prevention (to stop it happening in the first instance) and the action to take in the event of the fire.

In this module, we will look at the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the rights people have to access information held by public bodies.

As change is part of our working life, this workshop explores reactions and resilience to it, and how to handle and learn from it.

Email has changed the way that we do business, but lately we've been hearing more about the problems of email stress and overcrowded inboxes. This module explores aspects of email stress and offers practical advice to help you use email more effectively. 

A healthy lifestyle can have many benefits in terms of your physical and mental wellbeing. In this module we will look at the benefits of physical activity and a healthy balanced diet as well as examining ways of maintaining a healthy weight.

This health and wellbeing course aims to introduce you to meditation and provide you with various techniques and skills to increase your experience when meditating.

Not everything in life is certain, and changes both big and small, are inevitable. A life transition is usually a life changing event that causes us to re-examine our present realities.

This module aims to support your health and wellbeing and should help you cope with any life transitions that you or someone you know may be going through.

This health and wellbeing module will give you an introduction to nutrition. It will look at why we eat, the function of food, and explain the 'Eatwell plate' and its use. 

Personal resilience is an important quality for helping you to adapt and develop effective coping strategies to stressful working conditions and improve wellbeing. This module is designed to help you to think about and develop your own resilience.

This mandatory module, just one module currently available in the Health and Wellbeing category, is designed to give you an overview of stress awareness at work. We'll explain why stress occurs and how it can manifest itself physically and psychologically, and offer practical hints and tips on how to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the modern workplace.  

This module aims to raise awareness of honour based violence and in particular, forced marriage.

This workshop designed and delivered by our Employee Relations experts will provide each participant a understanding of the basic legal framework surrounding fair dismissals and our own obligations at Birmingham City Council taking on board the ACAS Code of Practice. It will also give insights into the process for fair dismissals and equip participants with the skills and knowledge in relation to conducting fair hearing and dismissals with the City Council’s internal procedures. 

The course is a briefing for Incident Controllers.

This module aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to prevail in business negotiation, by looking at some popular theories and models on the subject.

Welcome to the Introduction to Local Government module. Whether you are new to local government or are already working in the sector, this module will provide you with interesting facts and information, and links to other resources.

Our half-day course designed and delivered by our Employee Relations experts will give participants the opportunity to understand when an investigation is necessary and what the key roles are, and the necessary principles to conducts investigations fairly and effectively. By the end of the session, participants will be able to prepare questions for investigation interviews, deal with unforeseen issues not contained in HR policies, understand the need for good note taking and record keeping, and be able to carry out actions post investigations.

This module explores many ideas about both personally managing and leading organisational change.

The aim of this module is to increase your awareness of time management and organisation techniques. It will also give you practical advice for writing assignments, making notes, referencing, researching and other study skills. 

This short eLearning module will increase your understanding of the issues and challenges affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people in the workplace and society in general.

A loan shark is someone who lends money, they rarely give any paperwork and if

repayments are missed they often use violence and intimidation to get their money back.

Faced with this problem would you or your staff know what to do? A national, dedicated

team is cracking down on loan sharks and we’d like to tell you more.

The free training will give you more in-depth information about the project background,

key things to look out for as a frontline worker, the relevance of loan sharks for your

organisation and a better understanding of information and intelligence. We will also show

you the impact that loan sharks have on victims and communities which will be your client

group. Loan sharks also impact upon crime and disorder.

This training will benefit staff who have an involvement with households' finances to

raise awareness of how the symptoms of financial distress may present themselves

and give an overview of key resources available to your client group. This training is

aimed at  Advice, arrears collection teams, customer service staff,

social workers, community safety staff,  and anyone who is involved in providing a

front facing service with customers.

This module will define the concept of lone working and explore some of the legislation around the topic. We'll then look at some common risks and demonstrate how these can be avoided or mitigated.

This eLearning module must be completed by all Managers. The requirement to complete this module is in addition to the requirement for Managers to complete the mandatory 'Employee Health and Safety Awareness' module every 3 years. If you haven't completed the Employee module in the last 3 years, you should complete it prior to completing this module.

This module is intended to give you an understanding of the role you play in managing health and safety including assessing and controlling risk, reporting and investigating accidents and the common hazards found in the workplace and how to control them.

Welcome to the managers guide to reporting Accidents/Incidents/Near Miss. This will support managers in fulfilling the requirment to report Accident/Incidents that occur within the workplace.

This is an informative workshop to support managers to practically apply the procedure consistently and assist managers in identifying poor performance. We explore the skills the skills a manager will need to deal with capability issues informally and look at the relevant stages of the Capability procedure. The workshop also supports managers to effectively maintain records of poor performance and signpost to additional support / resources.

As change is part of our working life, this workshop explores how change works and the impact of change on teams. It will equip you with some tools and techniques to deal with change.

This module will explore the basics of performance management, including the key components of the performance management cycle. In particular, we will demonstrate how to tackle poor performance and handle difficult conversations.

The aim of this module is to help managers to practically apply the BCC Disciplinary policy. To do this, a manager will need to be able to identify employee misconduct and recognise the part that they will play when following the different stages of the policy so that issues are addressed and dealt with consistently and fairly.

An understanding of policy and politics is an increasingly important skill for managers, whether located in the private, public or voluntary sectors.

The aim of this module is to help you manage sickness absence consistently and fairly. It covers what to do when an employee is unable to attend work, the different stages of the Sickness Absence policy and procedure, Occupational Health referrals and what to do when an employee returns to work.

Managing time is so important to us as individuals and as an organisation. By working through this course you will be able to:

  • Determine the need to balance both urgency and importance in your workload.
  • Prioritise and organise your workload more confidently.
  • Recognise productive and unproductive work behaviours.
  • Identify your own personal style when managing different interruptions - paper, people and emails.
  • Positively promote good time management working practices and their benefit to your personal organisation.

This course should take approx 30 minutes to complete.

In December 2019, the council’s senior leadership team agreed a set of mandatory elearning modules that all employees must complete.

The aim of the mandatory modules is to help you understand and support the council’s culture and priorities.

Managers are expected to set an example, and fully support their employees to complete all mandatory modules by the deadline of end of March 2020.

The modules are short, and will take a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes each to complete.

Once you have completed the modules, you will not have to repeat most of them for a further two years.

Welcome to the Health and Safety Awareness Elearning training for employees. The course is designed to ensure that health and safety is managed withn the workplace and that staff are trained and understand their health and safety responsibilities.

You can now complete classroom training delivered by Learning Curve to gain a nationally recognised qualification in; Maths, English OR Digital Skills.  Click to find out more.

This course aims to refresh your chairing skills and ensure your meetings are well structured and productive.

Meetings serve valuable functions, from resolving issues to motivating employees, so it is important to know when to hold them and how to structure them.  

As many as 25% of working days are lost through the mental ill-health of the workforce. Research informs us that managers do not always intervene or approach individuals who may have mental health difficulties which can lead to the potential of longer term concern for the individual and the service. The sessions are open to managers and aim to introduce some skills that will increase sensitivities, current knowledge and approaches in situations where mental distress may be apparent.

In this module you will learn what mentoring is and the benefits it can bring. You will also learn how to get the best out of a mentoring relationship including how to start and structure it and how to bring it to a close when the time comes.

Microsoft Support offer a wide range of videos and reading material on all of your Office Apps.  Click into this course to see more about how Microsoft can support you.

The Skills Health Check is a set of quizzes and activities designed to help you explore your skills, interests and motivations.  By working through the Skills Health Check can help you decide what kind of jobs might be right for you and outline what skills you may wish to develop.  You'll be able to download your report once you've completed at least one assessment.

The Skills Health Check will take approximately 3 hours to fully complete, each section should take about 10-15 mins to do.  However, you can create an account and go back to it over as many days as you like and take as long as you like to complete all activities and quizzes.

This module will help you to recognise the signs and risk factors associated with cases of neglect. It will help you understand how to identify protective factors and examine the challenges of balancing risk.

Birmingham City Council are working in partnership with Learning Curve Group to offer a range of qualifications to our staff at no-cost.

The courses are available online or paper-based, with full support from a tutor.  There are a range of sector-based qualifications available.  Click to find out more.

This course is for users of the Northgate Housing System.

This course is for users of the Northgate Housing system.

This module is useful for managers who need to set objectives. It will explore the importance of setting objectives, how to set objectives, what a good objective looks like, how to write a SMART objective and the importance of reviewing and adjusting objectives throughout the year.

The Modern Workplace Hub provides user guides and best practice guidelines to help you get the most from the Modern Workplace.

Here you will find a schedule of live, interactive webinar-style training events covering a range of Office 365 and other IT related topics, all designed to introduce you to new technologies and how they can support and enhance your work-life, particularly when working remotely.

You'll also find contact details for additional technical support.

This course is for DBS ID Checkers whose role it is to use E-bulk to validate online application forms for candidates/employees helping BCC to recruit safely.

There are a number of key documents to support you if you have already started the journey. These can be used as reference tools or as downloadable documents to share with colleagues.

This Performance Appraisal eLearning module, is designed to guide you as an employee through the process. After completing the module, you'll be able to successfully prepare for your appraisal meeting and make a full contribution to proceedings.

This module is for those managers tasked with carrying out performance appraisals. After completing the module you will be able to plan, prepare and carry out a successful and effective appraisal meeting with your staff. 

This module uses video clips of performance appraisal scenarios to illustrate the performance appraisal interview process - why it is done, how the interview should be conducted, and some of the common issues that can arise. 

After completing this eLearning module, you will be able to:

  • Understand personal safety
  • Be aware of personal safety whilst travelling to work
  • Develop your own personal safety strategies based on best practice
  • Identify who may be at risk and why
  • Reduce your own and your colleagues' potential for becoming a victim of violence and aggression

Course Summary: This course is ideal for staff who need a basic understanding of personal safety at work and are likely to find themselves in conflict situations. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Lone working
  • Risk assessment
  • Home visits
  • Travelling safely 

All our supporting material for the Petty Cash & Imprest course can be found here.

Attending a phone or video conference call is just like attending any other meeting, but there are additional challenges you may face as both an attendee or a facilitator.

This eLearning module looks at physical abuse in children.  It will explore the causes and types of physical abuse, how these relate to the children you work with, and the action you and other agencies need to take.

This course is run by either; Affinity Connect or Wolverhampton Council.

Summary: To encourage a positive and realistic approach to a financially secure retirement and help delegates make informed Choices about their Retirement.

Suitability: For everyone who is eligible to receive benefits from their occupational pension scheme, even if not intending to retire at that point, or if taking early or flexible retirement.

Welcome to this two-part training on presentation skills. We recommend you complete both modules.

Prevent is the UK government strategy aimed at reducing or eliminating the risk of individuals becoming involved in terrorism.
This Home Office produced mandatory module offers an introduction to the Prevent duty and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves.

It should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The Process Incoming Payments LITE eLearning course enables service/business areas to post their income onto the accounting ledger in real time.

All our supporting material for the Procure to Pay Approvals course can be found here.

All our supporting material for the Procurement course can be found here.

This course will help you to find out more about the roles and responsibilities of the SIRO and IAOs within Birmingham City Council.  You will learn about:

- The importance of sharing and protecting information
- The information assurance family – developing an understanding of who, both 
  internally and externally, can help
- Information assurance and the factors affecting information risk

The course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete followed by a short quiz of ten multiple choice questions.

The mandatory module is new for 2020 and introduces you to the key areas of data protection.

This module provides advice and practical examples of questioning techniques, which can be used for recruitment interviews as well as other situations.

This module aims to raise awareness about radicalisation. It looks at how radicalisation occurs and how it can be detected, prevented and responded to.

This module is designed to help you better understand the role records management has to play in your day to day work. It will look at what records management is, why records management is important and your role and responsibilities for managing records.


As a Responsible Person you play a vital role in safeguarding employees and other visitors from potential sources of harm in the premises that you have responsibility for. Legally those responsibilities extend to ensuring that the premises is as safe as possible.

These eLearning modules have been developed to explain what those responsibilities are and equip you to carry them out

By the end of this module you will understand the requirements of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and how it applies to your work.

This e-learning module will enable you to define risk as either a threat or an opportunity. We'll show you that everyone in an organisation is responsible for risk management (though roles and responsibilities may vary).

This is mandatory so every employee should complete either the level 1 module or the level 2 modules dependent on their job role.

All our supporting material for the Sales Order Contracts course can be found here.

All our supporting material for the Sales Order Processor course can be found here.

This module will introduce you to the subject of self-neglect and how to identify the signs that someone might be at risk.

This e-learning module looks at the signs and impacts of child sexual abuse. Understand the ways in which children can be sexually abused and what is involved when working with a sexual abuse case.

This module will introduce you to the potential safeguarding issues that can occur on social media platforms.


This module examines what it means to be a supervisor, and offers some fast-track methods for achieving excellence.

After completing this module you will be able to involve your team right from the start, setting challenging goals, supporting and motivating them. We'll also demonstrate how to review the effectiveness of your team.

This interactive foundation workshop has been specifically designed for people who have little or no experience of supervising or managing others. It will help you to understand what management is, and what it isn’t, how to transition into becoming a manager and how to overcome some of the hurdles that may present. You will explore what strengths you are already bringing to the role, and how to leverage these, as well as identifying areas to work on and the tools to help you do this.

Completing this module will help you to consider the impact of change. It will also help you to understand the need for change and how to cope with it.

Completing this module will help you to consider the impact of change for you and your team. It will also enable you to prepare your team members for change and support them through the change process.

This module will help you understand the importance of customer relations in the workplace and offer guidance on how to build and maintain positive customer relationships. 

In December 2019, the council’s senior leadership team agreed a set of mandatory elearning modules that all employees must complete.

The aim of the mandatory modules is to help you understand and support the council’s culture and priorities.

Managers are expected to set an example, and fully support their employees to complete all mandatory modules by the deadline of end of March 2020.

The modules are short, and will take a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes each to complete.

Once you have completed the modules, you will not have to repeat most of them for a further two years.

This module looks at some of the issues surrounding technology and change. In particular how technology and digital tools are impacting on communities, the workplace, and us as individuals.

Support to complete the Annual Return

This eLearning module for frontline workers has been developed by Warwickshire County Council and Learning Pool with original content supplied by members of the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Armed Forces Covenant Partnership.

It explains the commitment of the Armed Forces Covenant and how it can be honoured and implemented in the Community. It will help you understand and apply the principles of the Covenant at a local level. It also provides sources of further information and support.

This mandatory eLearning module will introduce you to Birmingham and the City Council's Vision, Priorities, Values and Behaviours. It will also explain the big changes that are taking place to help us all move forward together.

This training is aimed at Information Asset Owners and will provide them with the necessary guidance on fulfilling the role of Information Asset Owner (IAO).

This 20-minute Core Skills module will help you get to grips with unconscious bias so that you can identify, acknowledge and challenge it in your workplace.

Understand why and learn how unconscious bias can affect your decisions regarding recruitment, selection, leadership, motivation and more.

Meaning of assertiveness/passive, aggressive behaviour/ impact of behaviour/different behavioural styles/developing assertive approaches/ confidence building/ personal development.

What is bullying/causes of bullying/effects of bullying/individual & organisational consequences/law/policies/procedures/risk assessments/Management standards (H&S Exec) /support.

A workshop on climate change/history/policy/law/Council position/International Position/Way Forward.

A workshop to look at creative writing during ‘Write a Novel Month’/ values of creative writing for personal development/ team building exercises/free Quick Read Book for participants/book clubs.

Considers what dementia is, the Social Model of Disability, support services, preventative factors, current research/developments.

Considers prejudice & discrimination, Law & the Equalities Act, Conscious & unconscious bias, valuing diversity. Ways forward.

Considers at managing change & life planning – Pensions/Continuing Personal Development/Education/wellbeing.

Planning, Looking for Jobs/ CV writing /Covering letters/ Applying for jobs /application forms/ preparing for interviews/interview techniques/ feedback/next steps.

Considers All Holocausts & the consequences with poetry/song & a presentation form a recent visit to Auschwitz.

A workshop on disability equality/law/policy/procedure/self organisation/social model of disability/Equalities Act/Reasonable adjustments. Ways Forward.

An event to mark the 1948 declaration of Human Rights/Poetry/Song/The Articles of the Declaration/Ways Forward.

preparation for interview/planning/practical examples/ practice/STAR method/key questions/feedback/next steps.

A workshop with Branch Communications Officer Nicola Moran/ an intro to social media/safety on line/value and positive uses of social media.

What is the menopause/ menopause in the workplace/strategies/policies/procedures/law/support groups/ ways forward. This is a women's’ course.

What is Good Mental health/ mental Ill Health/ Links to stress/Risk Assessments/Management Standards (H&S Exec)/policy/law/procedure/support/historical perpective/ways forward.

A creative writing event/bring a poem/write a poem/ team building value/creativity & the individual & facilitation for service users.

A workshop on creative writing for Nat. Story telling Week. Free Quick Read Book for participants. Considers the value of storytelling in work & other settings & as a team building skill.

An afternoon of activity aimed at personal stress management including wellbeing theory &  strategies, positive psychology, use of mandalas, mindfulness, meditation and Tai Chi.

All our supporting material for the Worklists for Requisitioners course can be found here.

In an ever-changing workplace leaders, managers, teams and individuals face new and ever increasingly difficult challenges. ‘Stress’, ‘pressure’, ’failure’ and ‘setbacks’ at work frequently have a significant impact on future success and well-being.